LaCrosse Sailing Club Racing

Lake Onalaska awaits your sail... This was pre-racing with Kevin Clark and crew member John Flanigan.


Racing at the La Crosse Sailing Club!

At the La Crosse Sailing Club, racing is part of its history. We encourage all of our members to participate in our racing events and seminars by making all club racing free of fees for members. Workshops are held to help novice to expert sailors and racers understand right-of-way rules, starting and finishing techniques, tips, tricks and trim. We strive to be helpful to everyone knowing that it makes all of us better sailors.

The board of directors has made racing part of the club dues and there is no additional charge to race your boat in the appropriate fleet.

Our current one-design fleets consist of Day Sailers  and Lasers. We also offer handicap racing using the Portsmouth Yardstick as our rating system for keel boats (cruisers). This system not only accommodates the cruising fleet but also has ratings for centerboard, dagger board and multi-hull boats as well.


racing photo

Day Sailer
Fleet 132

Day Sailers race on Wednesday evenings at 6pm beginning on May 10, 2017

The Fleet is family-friendly and welcomes newcomers to racing. Spinakers are optional.

The Daysailer Racing Captain is Lee Petersen. (507) 440-7461.

See 2017 Racing Results

See Day Sailer Facts...

Day Sailer Association Membership: To join the Day Sailer Association, contact Lee Peterson (Day Sailer Fleet Captain and also Regional Vice President for the Western Great Lakes Region of the Day Sailer Association) or go to the website:

DSA membership is $35 per year.

On the Day Sailer website you can find: Measurements and Rigging and Tuning Guides




Laser Fleet

The LaCrosse Laser Fleet will be racing every Tuesday evening with the first start at 6pm beginning May 9, 2017.

Laser Racing Captains are Kurt Schroeder 608-769-0116 and Mark Kastel 608-625-2042.

With over 190,000 boats on the water, the Laser is the most popular racing boat, period.  With good used boat starting at about $1500, and new boats at about five grand, Lasers are said to have the best fun-to-cost ratio of anything you can race….and the fact that there’s no crew required, and almost no maintenance, it also allows for the best fun-to-hassle ratio.

The La Crosse fleet offers some of the top competition in the Midwest and also an extremely congenial group interested in helping sailors new to racing get their feet wet. Click here for Laser Facts and more information.



Keel Boat Fleet

Club cruiser racing is done on Thursday afternoons with crews gathering after 5, with starts at 6:30 P.M.

Keel Boat Racing Captain is Markham Chatterton 608-779-5019.

2017 Early Series: May 7 tune up at 1:00 PM, May 11, May 18, May 25, June 1, June 8, June 15, June 22, June 29

Late Series: July 13, July 20, July 27, August 3, August 10, August 17, August 24, August 31

For additional information contact Marcus Chatterton at

See Racing Results

From Markham Chatterton, July 17. 2017: "5 teams who did not sail the forecast were rewarded with a nice, oscillating breeze in the 7 mph range proving it pays to show up.

RC Ken, fresh off winning the last two Laser races Tuesday night, set a nice, square windward/leeward course outside any areas with weeds. Racing was tight through the first leg evidenced by numerous port/starboard crossings and a cluster of boats at the top mark going down wind. Water Sprite got off to a strong start, was able to tack onto port in clear air for the race to the right side of the course and sailed to victory. Tuning changes suggested from the fore deck might be helping point a degree or two higher upwind--everyone on Team Water Sprite is working hard. Te Ora managed to come back after a less-than-perfect start sealing the second spot with some help from a right shift near the finish line. Zephr, with lots of Trane HVAC knowledge on board, had a strong showing in third for their series debut. Zoom was a little light on crew but managed to fly the kite and place fourth. Dave Levine was also in the hunt rounding out the fleet in fifth."


Starting Sequence

Standard starting sequence applies: Several short horns in quick succession can be sounded inside 30 seconds before the 5 minute warning to ready racers for the start of the race sequence.

5 min warning class flag up with horn

4 min prep flag up with horn

1 min prep flag down with horn

0 min start—class flag down with horn