Lightweight Dock Design


From Captain Gene McNurlen:

This spring (2016) I built a new dock that is much lighter than my old dock. The design is shown in the pdf along with the specifications. I did some research examining different materials to arrive at a light weight design without sacrificing too much on strength and stiffness. My other motive was to come with a design that could become a standard for the club to minimize the variations from dock to dock so that work crews could install them without owners present.

More importantly I want to emphasize the importance of securing your dock to the bulkhead and the H-frames so in case of flooding the docks will not float away or move out of position to damage boats or other docks. The sketch shows a recommended method to do this. My cost for the materials was $156 with all materials purchased from Menards during sales so your cost may be slightly more.

Lightweight Dock Design.pdf

Lightweight Dock Materials List.pdf